Wow. That was fast. No sooner was Epic Beard Man a modest viral sensation, after beating the crap out of a young African American man aboard an AC Transit bus last year, but some budding screenwriter apparently thought his story needed to immediately turned into a movie. The movie's called Bad Ass, and as Uptown Almanac shows us it stars Danny Trejo as a Vietnam vet who goes around what looks like L.A. kicking peoples' asses. Now, many of the details here are oddly familiar, including the fanny pack and what looks like a t-shirt that says "I Am a Motherf**ker," but we're guessing that poor, homeless Tom Bruso isn't going to see a dime from this straight-to-DVD clunker.

It's just "coming soon," so we don't know when or if we can point you to a cinema for this one.

[Uptown Almanac]

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