Handy reminder: the yearly gathering of drunk people in Santa Claus costumes returns to grace the city's streets with its annual displays of costumed public drunkenness tomorrow. Which means the day drinkers will be wearing fuzzy red suits (possibly arranged in a slightly promiscuous fashion on the ladies) and the eye-rollers will be silently judging them while also kind of wishing they were getting drunk in the afternoon.

On Santacon day, like any of San Francisco's boozy holidays, everyone falls in to two camps: aggressively drinking or actively avoiding. So this map of Santa-friendly watering holes should come in handy for pretty much everyone in town. And because this is San Francisco, the city of a million options, there are several Santa-themed meetups this year, each with a different levels of acceptable nudity.

For the Santacon purists there are meetups around town starting with 12:30 p.m. kickoff at Civic Center plaza and a a 3 p.m. regroup session at Washington Square Park. (Oaklanders meet in Jack London Square and will be drinking their way to town on a ferry.) [Details]

For the nudists, your possibly Guinness Record-setting naked meetup is also at 3 p.m. in Washington Square. Expect the drinking crowd to laugh callously and/or spontaneously join on the fun. [Details]

Finally, anyone not comfortable getting completely naked, but still looking to show off what they've got, as it were, might want to wait until Sunday to when the Santa skivvies run happens in the Castro. That starts at 1 p.m. on Saturday, and promises to have many a gay man in red underoos participating in a fun run to end HIV.