The Remove Jean Quan site went live Thursday morning. Run by Gene Hazzard, an Oakland Post photog and member of the Oakland Black Caucus, he has for whatever reason given the Oakland Mayor green lips. (Because she's moldy? Money hungry? Defies gravity?) "I'm trying to keep a straight and level head," Hazzard explained to the San Jose Mercury News. "This is very serious."


Remove Jean Quan has 160 days to cull 20,000 Oakland voters' signatures. Any recall election that stems from the signature drive will coincide with a new election for Oakland Mayor, "but it is not yet clear whether that would be conducted under Oakland's ranked-choice voting system."

This is but one of two groups trying to recall Quan, due in large part to her handling of the Occupy Oakland eviction. One is called the Committee to Recall Jean Quan and Restore Oakland, the other is led by Gene Harland, who ran against Quan for mayor last year, notes NBC Bay Area.

Please visit RJQ's FAQ page for more information and petition requests.