Out in Golden Gate Park Diane Feinstein's thinning herd of bison got some new additions this week. According to NBC, seven new buffalo calves arrived at the bison paddock in the western part of Golden Gate park on Monday where they are currently spending time getting acquainted with the park's three surviving bison.

The new herd of six-month old females came from a ranch in Redding, California. Dick Blum, Senator Feinstein's husband who purchased the original herd as a tribute to his wife in 1984, helped pay for the new girls, who cost a little more than a thousand bucks apiece. Blum is also throwing in $50,000 to help renovate the aging paddock.

For now, caretakers from the San Francisco zoo are keeping an eye on the younger generation until they are ready to join the main pen with an official welcoming ceremony in early 2012. In the meantime, the Rec and Parks Department is holding a contest in which one lucky winner will get to name one of the new arrivals.

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