The question might be of the "chicken or the egg" variety: Is it censorship, dumbing down, or a little bit of both? As documented in this poignant Imgur post, Time magazine routinely changes its covers to better suit its U.S. audience, which they apparently think is not very smart. Naturally, some folks see the dumbed down covers as a form of censorship, and in the current political climate, who can blame them?

The most recent case of this discrepancy occurs on the covers of Time's upcoming December 5th issue, which can be found online. The Europe, Asia, and South Pacific covers all feature an article about the Egyptian Revolution, whereas the U.S. cover illustrates how anxiety is good for us. Granted, the article on the Egyptian Revolution does appear in the U.S. issue, but it's not front and center like in the other versions.

Oddly enough, the anxiety article probably does indirectly speak to our domestic revolution because, after all, it's fueled by large amounts of anxiety.

Side note: This contributor can safely say we've never purchased an issue of Time, except for this one time.