We're doing away with our weekly roundups in which we read the weeklies for you because, well, reading is hard! No, but seriously, it's usually the cover pieces that are of worthy note in either the Weekly or the Guardian, and these cover pieces are going to be judged by the average Dick and Janet on Market Street by the quality of the cover art each of their respective art departments chose. So this week we launch a new feature in which we pit the rival papers against one another and judge them by their covers.

SF Weekly: This week the cover is a big story that the Guardian would definitely not have written the same way -- they're still kind of butt-hurt that Avalos lost and trying to pretend that him coming in second was good enough -- about how the city's Progressives have lost their way. Going back to January and that whole Chris Daly meltdown when Ed Lee got appointed Interim, they write, "Daly was right. But the progressive fall from power was more than just a fumble. The whole playbook was flawed." But the cover art? Man. That is some J.V. shit right there. Who's this dude with a briefcase going off the cliff and how is he supposed to remind us of Chris Daly? We give them a B+ for the fractured typography, but a C for the conception and illustration.

SF Bay Guardian:
Now, the kids at the Guardian have a much more timely and hip black-and-white thing going on for this relatively predictable piece defending the Occupy campers (They're not all filthy, violent and drunk! Really!). We like the Instagram/old-timey Polaroid treatment on the photos, and the art does a good job of driving home the point: this is a diverse bunch. And it does so without being too pandering, and without a single Palestinian keffiyeh. Excellent work. A for design, A- for execution.