In deplorable teen news: a 14-year-old kid from Oakland was arrested by San Leandro police earlier this week in connection with four cases of grand theft auto. The teen and his accomplice, an equally green 15-year-old from Emeryville, first robbed a vehicle with an automatic pistol near Marina park in San Leandro a couple weeks back. According to CBS5, who put the whole affair on last night's evening news, the kids looked so young their first victim thought it was a joke.

But the teens were hella serious: Four hours after the first robbery, the pair stole another vehicle in the parking lot of an East Bay Macy's department store. Last Wednesday and Thursday, the pair made off with two more vehicles when they took their gun-and-gas shtick to the San Leandro and Bayfair BART stations. The teens apparently only wanted the cars to for joyrides through scenic San Leandro.

The 14-year-old was busted at a home in East Oakland last Saturday after cops tracked him down with surveillance footage. After his arrested, he was promptly shipped off to Juvie in Alameda County. The babyfaced accomplice, meanwhile, remains at large.