South San Francisco / Shooting, Hostage Situation: A man who's believed to have shot his own sister and then held his family hostage last night has been arrested. Alvin Baja Luis, 55, of San Francisco confronted multiple family members in a home at gunpoint. While one tried to negotiate with him, several others tried to escape out a window. He caught his sister, shooting her in the hand, and the others fled unharmed. Luis then fled the scene and was arrested this morning. [CBS]

Powell Street / Robbery:
An 86-year-old man was robbed Saturday morning at gunpoint outside the Powell Street Muni station. The suspect fled with the man's wallet and ID, and the victim was uninjured. [Appeal]

Bernal Heights / Robbery: A thug approached a man carrying a child in his arms form behind Saturday night, on 30th Street, and pick-pocketed him, taking the time to remove the cash from his wallet before fleeing. [Examiner]

Vallejo / Attempted Carjacking: Today in hilarious car thievery news, a trio of armed suspects attempted to jack a dude's car Saturday evening in front of his home in Vallejo. They pointed guns at him, demanded his keys, and forced him to the ground, only to find they couldn't steal the car because none of them could drive stick. Lolz. [Vallejo Times-Herald]