Cyclists forced to share the slow-plodding eastern sidewalk of the Golden Gate Bridge with gaggles of tourists and other slow-moving foot traffic over the past five months, finally got their old speedway back over the weekend. As the Examiner reports, the west side sidewalk reopened Friday after construction crews completed retrofit work that was hogging up the west side bike lane.

The ocean-facing sidewalk now returns to it's regularly scheduled bicycle hours (weekends, holidays and 3:30 p.m. until sunset on weekdays.) Pedestrians will continue to stick to the bay-facing side where they can leisurely stroll while snapping off countless shots of our photogenic skyline. Be advised though, the Ex points out there will periodically be 15-minute wait times on the pedestrian side as construction crews move their equipment around.

The construction work was completed seven weeks early, although not nearly as early as originally anticipated.