S.F.P.D. has cleared out the Occupy SF camp in front of the Federal Reserve Building at 101 Market tonight, and two buses worth of police are still in the area. Another report estimates that 150 officers are present. Police are calling it a "crime scene" allegedly in order to keep the press away from the scene.

One person was reportedly taken away in an ambulance, but it doesn't sound like they were injured by the police.

The Justin Herman Plaza site is currently still intact, aside from DPW clearing out dozens of tents earlier today, but protesters fear that the large number of officers indicates a potential raid at Justin Herman Plaza as well.

Update: A conversation between cops was reportedly overheard regarding a 3 a.m. raid scheduled at the plaza.

PunkBoyInSF is livestreaming tonight's events. According to people talking in the live footage, two people -- "Mike and Janice" -- have been arrested so far.

Update II: A total of six protesters were arrested last night, and Justin Herman Plaza was not raided.