Some new footage has surfaced, oddly via the UK Guardian, showing exactly what happened when 32-year-old Kayvan Sabehgi was beaten by a riot cop, lacerating his spleen after the General Strike day, November 2. The original reports stated that Sabehgi, a veteran of the Iraq War, had been protesting earlier in the day, but was simply trying to reason with cops who would not let him pass in order to get to his apartment, which was within sight of the intersection of 16th and Broadway where this incident took place.

This footage and the new report suggest that he did, however peacefully, wish to stare down and challenge the riot cops (one could argue there was probably a way to walk around them a few blocks out of his way for him to get home), hoping to incite a response. But it also shows the brutality of one of the cops who became fed up with Sabehgi's peaceful protest, took the bait, and ruthlessly beat him with a baton despite zero physical threat from Sabehgi. Ouchie.

Video below:

The OPD says they're now investigating the incident.