Today in delightful local TV news reports, CBS5 has the hard-hitting report of a secret compound hidden in the East Bay hills that is home to the world's only captive Hyena colony.

Created by a UC Berkeley psychology professor 27 years ago as a place to study the differences between male and female hyenas (apparently everyone thought they were hermaphrodites for the longest time), the East Bay hyenas colony has been a vital resource for research in everything from prostate cancer to background for Disney characters in The Lion King.

Sadly, like so many programs around UC Berkeley, the colony is under threat of closing. If new grants don't materialize by the end of the year to cover the $13-per-day-per-animal costs, the world's only hyena colony will be shipping off the hyenas to zoos around the country.

CBS5's Elizabeth Cook has the investigative report:

In other news, did you know a pack of hyenas is called a cackle?