The transfer student who brandished a handgun while in the computer lab at the Haas School of Business at Cal and was subsequently shot by campus police yesterday has died. He's now been identified as 32-year-old Christopher Nathen Elliot Travis, an undergraduate whose motives for carrying the handgun are still unclear.

Travis died at Highland Hospital last night following the 2:20 p.m. shooting. Students at the business school were told about the death at a special meeting this morning. The incident began after a female staff member riding the elevator with Travis saw what she believed to be a handgun being removed from his backpack. After officers approached Travis in the computer lab, he pulled out the firearm in what they said was a threatening maneuver, and refused to drop it after several orders to do so. Police are continuing to interview witnesses.

As the Chron reports, it was the first fatal officer-involved shooting on campus since 1992, when People's Park activist Rosebud Denovo broke into a Chancellor's mansion and was shot by an Oakland police officer after she wielded a machete at him.