The indefatigable Camper English helped conduct a revealing poll for Drinks International on the 50 best bars in the world. And San Francisco? Landed on the list (a surprising?) three times. Smuggler's Cove, Tommy's, and Bar Agricole ranked 19th, 30th and 40th, respectively. (If you recall, in a poll conducted earlier this year, SFist readers selected Smuggler's Cove as their favorite San Francisco bar.)

London and New York dominated the top five with PDT coming in first.

How was this boozy poll conducted? Drinks International notes:

The poll was conducted by World’s 50 Best Bars editor Lucy Britner and US drinks writer Camper English. The pair canvassed around 100 bar professionals including the Playboy Club’s Salvatore Calabrese, King Cocktail Dale DeGroff, Esquire US’s David Wondrich and diamond ice-carver Hidetsugu Ueno. We believe this is the first time that the top names in the industry have come together to vote for their favourite bars - making it our most authoritative list to date.

These votes were coupled with global votes from 100 bars polled or featured in the 2010 list. Votes were received from every continent and bars in 16 countries made the top 50. The research and write-ups in the supplement are the work of Dwink founder Tom Sandham and DI's Lucy Britner.

Read the list in its entirety here.