Saturday night was the showcase for Hypothesis: An Art/ Science Fair, hosted by The Lab. Presented in a classic science fair format, artists and scientists demonstrated their hypotheses, their experiments, and the final results and insights.

Highlights included Todd Lerew's "Quartz Cantabile," using heat and ceramic-lined test tubes to make music, Emilie Puttrich's "Laughter Archive Project" (sign a release form to contribute your own laugh to the collection), Maria Burr & Brad Danitz' potato-based computer, and Presley Martin's artistic collaboration with garden snails. Part natural investigation, part whimsy, part Museum of Jurassic Technology, all the exhibits were thought-provoking and fun.

The event was co-sponsored by The Exploratorium and the Leonardo Society (which has its own great free bi-monthly art-meets-science night at USF). Lots more pictures here.