For someone with a background as an activist herself, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan still doesn't seem to quite grasp how protests operate. As she told KCBS Radio's Doug Sovern in an interview, if the Occupy protesters don't cut out the overnight camping and curb the violence then they, "need to work with the city to move the camp to a place that will be less disruptive."

So where does Mayor Quan suggest they ship off to? Well, no where in Oakland, for starters. She jokingly offered San Francisco as an alternative, but what we're hearing is that she'd rather not have to deal with them at all. We're sure the beleaguered mayor would love to ship the Occupy encampment off to some dusty commune outside of Modesto where they could live out their days growing organic kale, free from the burdens of big banks and a government run by lobbyist and special interest groups, but then — wouldn't that kind of defeat the purpose of being an activist in the first place?

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