(By Daisy Barringer)

Is nothing good enough for you people? The 49ers beat the Cleveland Browns 20-10 to go 6-1 for the season... and all I heard around Candlestick and on the radio this morning was talk about an ugly win. How Alex Smith looked terrible. How there's no way in hell the 49ers can beat the Green Bay Packers.

Yes, all of those things are true. But, really, who wins a football game and is like, "Well that was awesome; too bad it was so ugly?" I want to say no one, but apparently your do, San Francisco. You do. I'm sorry your win wasn't served to you on a silver platter with an artisan cheese and a glass of your favorite Napa Valley pinot. A win is a win is a win is a And guess what? We're 6-1!

OK, fine. Sure, Alex Smith is not a pretty quarterback. He was 15-24 for 177 yards. He threw over Crabtree's head. He fumbled (and recovered) the ball. Guess what? I don't care. Do I wish we had drafted Aaron Rodgers in 2005? Sure. Do I want to still prattle on about it? Not really. We drafted Smith. Rodgers went to Green Bay. You can talk about it all day long or you can accept that we have the QB that we have. He looks far more confident than he has in previous years. And, also, you know, we're winning.

Regarding the Green Bay Packers? Well, fine. They look pretty unbeatable. But still: let's worry about that if and when we meet them in the playoffs; we have nine more games before the playoffs even start. And that's a lot of football, folks. Anything could happen between now and then, so please CALM DOWN AND ENJOY THE VICTORY.

Listen, I acknowledge it was not a pretty win. However, did everyone forget that Cleveland had the fifth best defense in the league? And since when do style points count more than, you know, actual points? (Hint: NEVER.) Let's be happy we beat the Browns. Let's be happy we are 6-1. Let's be happy that we are now four games up in the NFC West. And let's be happy about all of this stuff, too:

>> Frank Gore, who so many people said was finished, is so not finished. Gore dominated yesterday, rushing for 134-yards, going for over 100 yards in four consecutive games, and surpassing Roger Craig to become the second-leading rusher in franchise history with 7,089 career yards.

>> Joe Staley caught a 17-yard pass and signaled for the first down in a way that makes me think he'd been dreaming of that his whole life. You want style? Joe knows style.

>> NaVorro Bowman had a game-high eleven tackles. I smell a Pro Bowl.

>> Isaac Sopoaga recovered a fumble and caught an 18-yard pass on third-and-3. For those of you not familiar with Sopoaga, he' normally a nose tackle. Oh right: he also weighs 330 pounds. (Why he ran out of bounds instead of taking the opportunity to pummel someone is slightly puzzling, but whatever. First down: I'll take it.)

>> Braylon Edwards is back and says his knee his fine. He only had four catches for 42 yards, but his first grab of the game (an 8-yard reception) was impressive and reminded me why it's so important to have him healthy.

>> Our offensive line looks great.

>> Our defense looks even better.

>> The 49ers have as many wins in 2011 as they did in 2010. Oh: and there are still nine games left to play.

One final word to the lovely lady sitting directly behind me at the game. I totally get that you "work for the NFL." It would be hard NOT to get it since you told me seventeen times. I’m actually surprised because you work for the NFL that you’re not aware of the fact that sometimes people—gasp!—STAND up at football games. You know, that whole CHEERING thing or whatever. I'm also surprised that you're unaware of the thing they do after a touchdown when the kicker comes onto the field. That's neither a two-point conversion nor a field goal. It's actually just called "the extra point" or "the point after." You're welcome.

Sorry, I just needed to get that off of my chest.

A few weeks ago, a reader commented that he liked my posts better when the 49ers were losing. It seems that my anger and sadness are more enjoyable than my joy and delight. Well, dear reader: I can't make the 49ers lose solely for your entertainment, but it appears I can be bitter and caustic even when my boys are kicking ass. I hope that makes you happy.

Prediction for Next Week: San Francisco over WASHINGTON. I mean, I don't want to be cocky, but the Redskins got shut out by the Bills and their 31st-ranked defense yesterday. Just wait til they face off against our D. It almost brings a smile to my face. Almost.