Oakland mayor Jean Quan is standing firm. She is not resigning, or so she announced on Friday, after she was booed off the City Hall stage Thursday and after she was largely responsible for a week of insanely bad press for her city, vis a vis some deeply unnecessary (and near-deadly) treatment of Occupy protesters. And now the beleaguered mayor, who was once a student activist at Berkeley herself, is front and center on the NYT front page this morning, with one of the protesters' signs saying 'Quan Lied.' Oh, Jean. This isn't good.

Also, Michael Moore flew all the way here just to join the Occupy Oakland folks yesterday. Jon Stewart has openly mocked you. And as the NYT/Bay Citizen piece reports, her legal advisor Dan Siegel "briefly considered resigning over the raid."

The irony being that Quan's a big liberal! She marched with the Occupy people just a couple weeks ago. And when she was a student at Berkeley in 70s she was part of the Third World Liberation Front, "whose efforts on behalf of minority students led to the establishment of the university’s ethnic studies program." And now because of one stupid decision she's been cast -- perhaps irreversibly -- as The Man. We feel for you Jean. Sort of.

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