We heard rumblings of this a few weeks back, but after arrests at Occupy San Jose and protests coming to a head in Oakland, members of Occupy SF in the city hope to unite the various Bay Area Occupy factions at one central and highly visible location in the next week and a half. As one prominent member of Occupy SF told KCBS, the local group plans to join up with members from Occupy San Jose and Occupy Oakland to bring a new occupation to Mayor Ed Lee's doorstep at City Hall.

KCBS's contact at Occupy SF, Christopher Ray, told the radio station, "Standing in solidarity and with all of the other cities coming to San Francisco would be probably one of the most empowering things for this entire movement." Members of the movement plan to maintain their presence at Justin Herman Plaza and the Federal Reserve, "but we will be taking Civic Center by November 5," Ray said.

The Fifth of November, coincidentally, is the anniversary of Guy Fawkes Night, when the British commemorate Guy Fawkes' foiled plot to blow up Parliament. The holiday has taken on something of an ironic twist stateside after members of the Anonymous hacker collective co-opted the post-modern Guy Fawkes look.

Here's Doug Sovern's KCBS radio report with more on Occupy SF's plans to move to Civic Center :

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