As a woman man lies crumpled on the ground after a beanbag assault by Oakland police during last night's scuffle between the city of Oakland and Occupy Oakland, several bystanders and protesters came to her his aid. That was when an officer decided to fling what appears to be a flashbang stun grenade into the group. This goes against what OPD claim in last night's activity update.

During the evening protest, a number of officers were assaulted, doused with hazardous materials and hit with large rocks and bottles, which resulted in the declaration of an unlawful assembly and the order to disperse. To assist in the dispersal efforts, officers used less lethal force tactics.

At approximately 10:00pm this evening, a group of approximately 300 protesters in the area of Frank Ogawa Plaza began throwing large rocks and bottles at officers after receiving the order to disperse, which again prompted the use of less than lethal munitions. At the time of this release, there are approximately 200-300 protesters in the area of 14th and Broadway and enforcement efforts are continuing.

Authorities went on to report:

Q. Did the Police deploy rubber bullets, flash-bag grenades? A. No, the loud noises that were heard originated from M-80 explosives thrown at Police by protesters. In addition, Police fired approximately four bean bag rounds at protesters to stop them from throwing dangerous objects at the officer

The footage her, originally obtained by KTVU, suggests otherwise. See for yourself:

The scene as of Wednesday morning appears peaceful, according to KRON 4 Morning News.

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