As a few SFist commenters noted, the person who was hit in the head with a projectile during last night's beanbag assault by Oakland police has been identified as Iraq veteran Scott Olsen. Olsen was the victim seen in the video being helped by several protesters before the police threw another projectile at them.

"Scott is in stable but serious condition as the neurologists decide whether to take him into surgery or the ICU," said Joshua Shepherd, a friend of Olsen's. "Oakland Police Department fired a tear gas canister at his head, fracturing his skull."

The U.K's The Guardian has a thorough amount of details about Olsen, who served two tours in Iraq. Olsen is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace, and was reportedly against the war before he even fought in it.

Olsen had been participating in Occupy SF regularly and responded to the call for more participants in the Occupy Oakland protest.

Occupy Wall Street released the following statement regarding last night's clash:

It is unconscionable that American government officials would sanction the use of such extreme force against peaceful citizens.

Occupy Oakland has been a public forum, set up on public land, concerned with critical public issues about the nation’s financial crisis, consolidation of wealth and power, and the ability of citizens to meaningfully participate in the democratic process.
This brutality carried out on the orders of city government, sends a chilling message to those who want to engage in civic processes to work for social change.

Over a month ago, we went to the doorstep of Wall Street to say "enough!" That message has resonated across the country and around the world. Occupy Wall Street continues to build, and a national movement of peaceful occupations and civic engagement has sprung up in every corner.

Public officials must listen to the grievances of this popular movement. It is absolutely unacceptable to attempt to dissuade civic engagement through the use of brutality, repression and retaliation against movement participants. This is America. All Americans have the freedom to peacefully protest our government. That right defines who we are as a country and a people, and when it is denied, all of America is the poorer for it.

The Mayor of Oakland — and mayors and city governments across the country — should get on the right side of history and honor all Americans' freedom to peacefully assemble and to civically engage.

We call on all concerned people to send Oakland Mayor Quan a message that the actions she sanctioned are unconscionable. We ask supporters to please sign this petition to Mayor Quan ...

Supporters can also call Mayor Quan at (510) 238-3141 to register disapproval.

Tonight in Manhattan, we will hold a march in solidarity with Occupy Oakland (9:00pm. Details to be announced.)

We will continue to build a movement to empower the 99% and to hold Wall Street and government accountable.

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