Now that California's got to empty out its prisons and S.F. has got 700 or so new parolees on the street, trying to reintegrate into society, we expect there may be a few bad apples in the bunch who will become fixtures of local crime reportage in the coming months/years. Thus we're launching a new roundup feature devoted to crime news involving parolees, just to check in on our fair city and provide a report card on rehabilitation programs, if you will. Today's item, we think, is as good a place as any to start.

A man tried to walk off with a couple of mangoes from a Haight Street fruit seller on Sunday morning, only to have said fruit seller balk and ask the man to march on back with the fruit. The suspect, who turned out to be a parolee, also turned out to have a makeshift blade fashioned out of a comb handle. Incensed at being called out for his crime, or perhaps just disappointed that he could not have the mangoes, he attacked the fruit seller with a belt and the shank. Some bystanders helped restrain the man until officers arrived and arrested him for robbery.

Apparently, the fruit seller was, luckily, not shanked in the incident.