Over on Foxnews.com, allegations of voter fraud and mishandling of absentee ballots on the part of Ed Lee supporters have put Mayor Lee's face front and center on the conservative news site. At the moment, it's sitting above news of Hermain Cain's latest bizarre campaign ad and a piece about Connecticut democrats attempting to pass a bill that would subsidize diapers for low-income moms. The Fox report doesn't add much to the story, but here's their leading paragraph that just drips with drama:

Shocking voter fraud allegations are rocking the mayor's race in San Francisco. District Attorney George Gascon has launched an investigation and demands are growing for federal authorities to move in.

One campaign official fears the election could be stolen if nothing is done.

The rest of the piece, along with a video report, is over on FoxNews.com if you care to get their take on this whole situation.