The OccupySF folks have come up with the first draft of what they call their "Home Grown flyer." They stress that it's not an official statement, but they would like it passed around far and wide.

The drafting of the flyer, which addresses two questions: “Why are you here?” and “What are you doing about the police?,” coincided with the city serving the camp with three different sets of papers during the General Assembly yesterday.

The flyer reads as follows:

We the People, assemble in solidarity to exercise our right to free speech, and to protest the mass injustices committed against the people and all beings of this nation, and all nations.

We assemble here as people in accordance with the Right to Free Speech and Assembly.

Any attempt to curb, curtail or suppress the Occupation; be it through state violence or prohibitively expensive permit processes; is rejected.

Our Occupation grows in strength and numbers. We will not be displaced or dispersed. We are the 99%.

Signed, OccupySF Welcome Committee

Friend of SFist Scott Rossi has a new update on his blog about his experiences as part of the OccupySF Welcome Committee. Here's his account of sleeping at Justin Herman Plaza overnight:

I’ll never look at a homelessness the same way again. I have nothing but infinite compassion for the people who are caught in this awful cycle. I’ve camped at the Occupation in Justin Herman Plaza when people barely knew me. All the ‘good’ spots were taken, and that’s saying something. I ended up settling in a spot that smelled like really old piss, half hidden behind a trash can and a recycling can. I slept on top of everything I brought out with me and fell asleep to the sound of trucks and buses wheezing past, and a group of people quietly playing guitar and singing. I kept waking up thinking I was covered in ants. Then spiders. Finally, I woke up as everyone else was getting up and making breakfast and felt exhausted. You can’t really get a good night’s sleep laying on the concrete, no matter how expensive your sleeping bag. I guess at a certain point, you’d deaden yourself to it all and just shuffle around and sleep wherever and whenever you could and stop caring.