After a twenty-year run, the dining room at the Ritz-Carlton shuttered last month to make way for a "less formal, more approachable" concept. Yesterday, Inside Scoop followed up with a few more details on the forthcoming reopening from Chef Ron Siegel and company. Naturally, the first order of business was to drop the stuffy "Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton" moniker in favor of something more slick and modern. Enter: Parallel 37, which is both San Francisco's latitude and Siegel's new name for the new restaurant with "a bar that has action and life in it, and not a place that's hush-hush."

To open up the space and liven up that hush-hush atmosphere, Siegel has completely torn out the old interior and replaced it with a brand new design featuring a 140-seat tablecloth-free restaurant, a 46-seat bar and a chef's table for eight (the "Willie Brown Table", if you will). As Inside Scoop reports, the food will continue to focus on fresh local ingredients from the Bay Area's bountiful farmers' markets, but the goal is to avoid anything that requires a lot of effort to plate. Unfortunately, there's no projected opening date just yet, as Siegel's interior designers are still wrapping up the restaurant's overhaul.

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