Incorrect apocalypse predictor Harold Camping is back with an update to his doomsday prediction earlier this year. As you'll recall, once the original May 21st rapture never happened, Camping adjusted his numbers a little bit to claim October 21st would bring five months worth of destruction in a single day. (And, presumably, five months of donations to Camping's Family Radio International in the interim.) Today, the Washington Post notes that even his new date of October 21st might have a pretty wide margin of error.

Although Camping hasn't gone back on the air since suffering a stroke back in June, his Family Radio website is sending out audio messages from the patriarch. As the Post points out, the tone is a little more somber, but still very doom-and-gloom. Quoting Camping's message:

...the end is going to come very, very quietly probably within the next month . . . by October 21. Probably there will be no pain suffered by anyone because of their rebellion against God... We can become more and more sure that they’ll quietly die and that will be the end of their story.

So there you go. We all may or may not be "quietly dying" this Friday. Or sometime in the near future. Or tomorrow. Best to pack clean underwear, just to be sure.

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