During a Fleet Week fete on Saturday, Giants star Brian Wilson made an appearance at a party while sporting a bizarre outfit. While the pic's photog (from Portal A Interactive) didn't grant SFist permission to publish the image of Wilson and his unusual attire—which, among a bevy of sartorial accents, featured pleather MC Hammerian balloon pants, a large gold belt, and two gold chains extending down his legs—we can tell you that the noted pitcher wore an orange t-shirt that read, "Fear the mustache," complete with a cartoon mustache and rectangular eyeglasses.

What ever could it mean, we wondered. A subtle shout out to Rollie Fingers? Probably not. An expression of support for Mariners' shortstop Brendan Ryan. Could be, but Ryan doesn't wear glasses. How about Ed Lee? Hm. He's got rectangular eyeglasses and a famous mustache. See for yourself.

San Francisco's interim mayor's interim has a boatload of bullshit supporters throwing money at a candidate of whom they know nothing. So why not Wilson? The again, why does a baseball hero care about local politics? That's not to say that Wilson doesn't follow or grasp local politics; he just seems too interesting, too bright and too self-assured to do so. But still. Something's in the air. Could be. Who knows.

Or, as SFist commenter hillarys_new_shoes pointed out, perhaps Wilson was tipping his cap to a Mustache Harbor Concert at Pier 39 happening that same day? Regardless, we'll always be fascinated with Wilson's couture.

SFist asked both team Brian Wilson and team Ed Lee for comment. We'll update as soon as either party gets back to us.