As part of their recent crackdown on bad bike behavior, SFPD once again butt heads with bike commuters, this time at Fourth and King Street. The savvy cyclists at Streetsblog reported cops around the Caltrain station were issuing tickets for bikers riding on the sidewalk last week, but ignoring the fleet of taxicabs illegally parked in bike lanes around the station. Naturally, the selective enforcement left riders with a bad taste in their water bottles. Injury was added to insult today as Caltrain riders arrived at the station to find a fleet of Oracle-sponsored pedicabs hogging up sidewalk real estate around Fourth and Townsend.

The pedicabs, as you can tell by their prominent branding, are part of data magnate Larry Ellison's Oracle OpenWorld conference that flooded in to SoMa and Union Square over the weekend. Or, as one local cyclist expressed the frustration:

Last week: cops ticketing cyclists for sidewalk riding. Today: plaza overrun by pedicabs. If Oracle does it it's okay. Oct 03 15:35:53 via Camera+

Meanwhile, Larry Ellison was rewarded with a Giants World Championship ring for his efforts revitalizing the neighborhood with his company's ballpark luxury boxes, pedicab fleet and the forthcoming parking space for his big ass yacht.

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