The latest development in the city's attempts to quell violence around the city's nightlife venues: Parking lot security. Standing in front of Club NV in SoMa yesterday afternoon, Supervisor Wiener and City Attorney Dennis Herrera announced an upcoming piece of legislation that will hold any parking lot operator who runs a facility within 1000 feet of a nightclub responsible for keeping their spaces safe after last call.

The regulations seem pretty straightforward: keep staff on site until 3 a.m. and make sure there's sufficient lighting in dark corners and stairwells. Sure enough, nightclub staff are on board: the owner of SoMa's Glass Kat stold the Examiner that even though his bouncers often walk clubgoers to their cars after hours, there's not much else they can do to keep folks safe once they're on private property.

No surly parking lot attendants have complained about the extra hours for their staff yet, but we could see this getting some lively public comment when it goes before the board next Tuesday. Should the ordinance pass, the City Attorney's office will be responsible for dishing out fines for those who don't play along with the new safety regulations.