When it comes to bikes, anyway. From the New York Times' report on Fixies in Paris:

In contrast with the hipper-than-thou attitude often associated with the bikes’ American acolytes, fixie riders can rightly be said to have a convivial scene in the French capital, where the bikes are as much activity as social marker. Despite the haughtiness for which this city is renowned, the community that has developed around them is uncommonly inclusive.

“There isn’t that element of snobbishness,” said Bruno Zuzzé, 33, the genial founder of Surplace, a come-one-come-all fixie club that organizes frequent group rides. Fixie owners often salute one another on the street, “like motorcyclists, back in the day,” he said.

Those wily French have even one-upped our whimsical tweed ride where cyclists dress in the antiquated garb of yesteryear with their own "Béret Baguette" ride. Which is exactly what it sounds like.

Hat tip to MissionMission, who suggest, "maybe we should all start high-fiving and fist-bumping one another on the street."