Today in Local TV news stories: a biplane pilot flying out of Watsonville, CA on a little sightseeing trip yesterday suddenly found himself the target of an F-15 assigned to protect the President during his most recent trip to the Bay Area. The tiny propeller plane, whose top speed is apparently comparable to drivers on a traffic-free stretch of Route 101, drifted in to the 30-mile no-fly-zone and was almost immediately picked up by the fighter jet assigned to patrol the area.

After being buzzed a couple times by the government war machine, the vintage aircraft bugged out and headed home for Watsonville Municipal Airport where the airport manager blamed the misunderstanding on a lazy pilot who probably forgot to check the flight restriction notices. The pilot himself hasn't actually come forward to admit the goof on the President, but a spokesperson for NORAD did explain the pilot wasn't alone in making the error: The incident was actually one of four intercepts during Obama's visit.

CBS has a handful of photos, set to a dramatic reading by an attractive local news anchorwoman: