On Saturday in the city's Castro arrondissement, a smattering of residents attended a nude-in in response to Supervisor Scott Wiener's cover-up legislation. And, let's be frank, the protest, while titillating, made little to no sense. Wiener isn't anti-nudity; he's anti-poop. He doesn't want to see or, worse, smell your skidmarks on a public chair or bench. And neither should you. Do you like poop? You shouldn't. It's disgusting. Yes, it is. And at the very least, don't you expect your civic leaders to shun shit? To eschew poo? The answer is yes. Yes, you do. Otherwise, you're a major poop lover. And that's icky, you doo-doo lover. (That said, the Guardian created a delightful "Butt Guardian" for nudists in the Castro, where the clothing-free tend to roam.)

Furthermore, you should always wear attire (tops and bottoms!) when entering a dining establishment. Because we said so, you five-year-old.

Anyway,Wiener appeared on CNN this morning to discuss his butt law. When asked if he was trying to shut down nudity in the neighborhood, Wiener said that his legislation "isn't shutting anything down. It's saying you need to put a towel down if you're going to sit down in public seating and dress when you go into a restaurant."

Watch the entire interview below.

If you must, here are some SFW photos of Saturday's nude-in.