Christopher Doyon, a 47-year-old from Mountain View allegedly associated with hacktivist groups Anonymous and the People's Liberation Front, was arrested by the FBI yesterday morning for allegedly attacking Santa Cruz County's computer servers in 2010. That hack-attack was a response to arrests of several demonstrators who were protesting the County's ban on outdoor sleeping. Doyon was considered a spokesperson for the protesters who teamed up with the PLF to shut down the County's computer systems. According to Fox News who originally reported the busts, Doyon was living without a home in San Francisco at the time of the arrest.

Two other alleged members of LulzSec - a splinter cell of the Anonymous group that has been getting a lot of bandwidth in the press lately - were also indicted yesterday: One Cody Kretsinger, 23 of Phoenix, who was charged with obtaining confidential information from Sony Entertainment's computer systems. And Joshua Covelli, 26 of Ohio, who was allegedly part of the Distributed Denial of Service attack on Santa Cruz County's network.

Hacker News speculates that the hackers were busted due to each hacktivist group's lack of focus and high-profile attacks. Although, If Doyon was hacking homeless, he probably left a nice trail of evidence on the PCs at the Main Branch Public Library.