Late updates from the SFPD's investigation in to last Sunday's North Beach shooting that put two innocent bystanders in the hospital: The department explained to the Chronicle that the officers' eagerness to make the marijuana bust was because they believed Jesus Paredes Rodriguez matched a suspect description from an earlier crime bulletin. They've also updated their story to include a third officer who was on the scene.

Although Rodriguez was apparently not their man, he's still booked on suspicion of assault, some weapons violations for that nasty looking TEC-9 semiautomatic pistol he was carrying, and of course the marijuana possession. (For an example of what a TEC-9 can do, these gun owners have put together a demonstration video in which they fire one off in what appears to the swamplands of Florida.) Rodriguez' bail is set at $178,000 while the District Attorney decides whether or not to press charges.

Meanwhile, the SFPD Chief Greg Suhr told the press that the department, "could not feel worse about having two bystanders injured." North Beach Supervisor David Chiu explained that, if it were up to him, he would, " legislate these guns out of existence."