Because we can never not blog a Brian Wilson fashion statement, here's a shot of the bearded one's footwear spotted in the dugout Friday at Coors Field. The shoes, in case you missed all the hype, are Nike Air MAGs. Children of the 80s and Robert Zemeckis fans might recognize them as strikingly similar to the shoes Marty McFly picked up on a trip to 2015 in Back to the Future: Part II. Although Nike hasn't quite perfected the self-lacing technology from the movie, they do light up with LEDs - making them only slightly more awesome than the bright orange numbers that famously netted Wilson a hefty fine for wearing on the field.

Extra Baggs reports Wilson picked up two pair of the Nikes, of which there are only 1,500 in existence. While the pitcher is was on the DL, he did mentioned he's thinking of installing cleats in one of them. Which: sure, that'll go over well with officials at the MLB.

Proceeds from the shoes, which were being auctioned on eBay last week, will benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, appropriately enough.