You may have heard, via the big national ad campaign, that iconic Italian design house Missoni released their line of inexpensive clothing and home goods today at Target. Though we do not yet have a Target within city limits, design- and bargain-fiends have been clamoring to buy something -- anything! -- at the nearest store. The products went live on the store's website this morning, and demand for the stuff crashed the whole site -- though it appears to be up and running again [Ed. Note: actually, attempts to purchase things are delayed, and even small items now appear "on backorder"]. Also, greedy society that we are, people have already turned around and put the stuff up for sale on eBay, at a significant markup, and PEOPLE ARE BUYING IT.

SFist contacted the Albany Target store just now and they are totally sold out. Reports out of LA tell us that one store there was completely sold out by 8:15 a.m. Clearly our nation's demand for design-y stuff priced within reach (but cheaper than Design Within Reach), is quite great, even in a recession.

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