In this ongoing kerfuffle over a telephone that will be nearly ubiquitous around town within 6 months, SFPD Chief Greg Suhr says his department has opened an internal investigation to clear up what actions were taken by plainclothes officers who supposedly aided Apple's private investigators. The cops and the investigators, you'll remember, were searching the Bernal Heights home of Sergio Calderon looking for an iPhone 5 prototype that went missing from Cava 22.

According to the Chronicle, the Apple's two investigators searched the home after asking permission from Calderon while four plainclothes cops waited outside. Calderon, on the other hand, says it was unclear who was SFPD and who was AAPL and he would have never let the two Apple employees inside had he known who they were working for.

So, there's not really any resolution there or even any sneak peaks at what is sure to be a hot holiday gadget. But speaking of resolution: here's (supposedly) the first photo taken with an iPhone 5 by an Apple engineer having lunch. And... well, it's a boring plate of sushi.

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