During today's Board of Supervisors meeting, District 8 Supervisor Scot Wiener will unsheathe new legislation about public nudity in San Francisco. Wiener represents the Castro, which has seen an uptick in nakedness as of late. Sanitary issues surrounding clothing optional ilk have made some residents worry that they're leaving more than just a jarring impression. If you catch our drift.

Wiener's proposed legislation will hit upon two key sanitary issues. First, it would require nudist to place a covering -- like a towel or a picture of their poor mother -- under their stinky, presumably dirty and quite possibly crusty ass when sitting down in a public setting. Second, and most importantly, Wiener's legislation would require clothing-free types to wear attire before they enter a restaurant. (We think that said legislation should go one step further by barring shorts, flip-flops, and skank tanks at any and all restaurants in the Castro, but we digress.)

"San Francisco is a liberal and tolerant city, and we pride ourselves on that fact," said Supervisor Wiener in a written statement "Yet, while we have a variety of views about public nudity, we can all agree that when you sit down naked, you should cover the seat, and that you should cover up when you go into a food establishment."

The city's war on fecal mater comes on the heels of a nascent plan to install "pooplets" for the homeless.

What do you think of the new proposed nudity legislation?