The payroll manager for the San Francisco Giants is being charged on counts of embezzlement, most of the $1.5 million fraud coming from the players themselves.

Robin O’Conner’s scam was revealed last month when she applied for a home loan. Allegedly, O’Conner -- an $80,000 employee -- had to explain roughly $300,000 worth of deposits before Bank of America would process the loan. Using official Giants letterhead, O’Conner explained that she had been rewarded the funds as a gift for “her outstanding contributions ... that assisted us in accomplishing our goal of winning the 2010 World Series." Bank of America sent a copy of the letter back to Giants' staff for verification, and O’Conner was fired.

O’Conner initially admitted to transferring $600,000 from players’ accounts into her own, but further investigating revealed another $900,000 O’Conner had used to purchase high-end vehicles and a new home.

O’Conner is currently out on $500,000 bail and will be sentenced in September.