Welcome to Burning Man Playa Cleanser. A sure to be short-lived series that's kind of like a palate cleanser, but is better suited for brushing the dust off of your playa goggles and blowing the desert boogers out of your nasal cavity. In the inaugural edition: We spend some brief moments with Marco Cochrane, creator of the "Bliss Dance" installation on Treasure Island and the type of person who spends all year preparing artworks that will inevitably be climbed upon by the revelers of Black Rock City. Observe:

Forgive us, first of all, for our alternatively hot and cold opinions of Burning Man. If we can't seem to make up our minds about the desert festival it's because, well: the whole thing is still kind of intriguing. We're fascinated by this weirdness in the desert. We don't ever want to go because of how it mostly just sounds uncomfortable. But also: there is lots of nudity and such? And you can be intoxicated all week?

Adding to that ambivalence, we're kind of sick of hearing about weird shenanigans at Burning Man. On some days we're even sick of hearing people saying they're sick of hearing about Burning Man. Unless of course it's us, in which case - that's why we're here right now. To watch this interesting Burning Man-related thing:

In the above documentary, which you can watch in between conference calls or unnecessary coffee runs, we go behind the scenes with "Bliss Dance" sculptor Marco Cochrane to learn about the creative process behind the statue that is currently towering over a field on Treasure Island. And you'll feel better after watching said documentary, because it will partially satisfy your curiosity for Burner art and calm your misguided hate against the quirky dust & art festival. It also has the added benefit of making you feel like a more worldly person who has reasonably interesting topics to talk about over cocktails with co-workers or on Match.com dates. (Not OKCupid dates though. That audience hasn't quite come around yet.) At the very least, you'll have something to talk about with your one awkward coworker when he gets back from the Nevada.

Via: Werehouse on Vimeo