Two cab drivers were part of a violent argument Friday night when one driver allegedly struck the other driver with a tire iron. The attack occurred in North Beach at around 9:30pm when one cab — driven by a man from Berkeley — took too long at a red light near Columbus and Pacific. The taxi behind him honked, and the Berkeley man proceeded to get out of his car and yell profanities at the driver behind him. Both of the men left their cabs and words quickly came to blows. But the brawl soon escalated when the Berkeley man retreated to his trunk and came back swinging at the other driver with a tire iron.

According to one of the passengers of the victim, once the the two men had, “finally stopped fighting[,] the driver came back to the car and asked us if we should drive on. He had a lot of blood on his hands from the head wound. We suggested that hospital might be a better idea.”

The victim drove to a nearby police station, and was then taken to San Francisco General Hospital where he is being treated for non life threatening injuries. The victim remembered the suspect’s cab info and was found nearby on the 600 block of Broadway. The tire iron was recovered from the suspect’s cab and is being held as evidence in the attack.