In keeping with Monday tradition as of late, BART is expecting another protest today beginning at Powell station at 5pm. As usual, expect this to interfere with the evening commute, slowing service and... NOT shutting down stations? Seems like OpBART is undergoing an internal coup. An Anonymous insider writes of the new strategy:

Impeding station function and shutting down Market Street does nothing but turn popular opinion against our cause and provide the police with an easy way to vilify us in the eyes of the public.

Not taking any chances, the transit agency is still warning of possible station closures, but assuming anyone adheres to the buzzkill, evening commutes look hopeful.

For those sick of the protests (everyone), there’s also a meta-non-protest-protest happening around the same time to protest the protest. Of course.

And in case self-regulation fails, BART Police are totally on it, you guys.

[Commuters Take Back BART]