Former First Lady Nancy Reagan, now 90 years old, buckled on Tuesday in front of a crowd of people and cameras while being escorted by brand spanking Tea Party favorite, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida. She had been invited to speak at the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. The night got off to a rough start, though, upon her big entrance.

LA Times has more:

Tuesday night Mrs. Reagan and the 40-year-old Rubio walked slowly down the aisle to the enthusiastic applause of some 1,200 guests, plus an overflow crowd.

Mrs. Reagan acknowledged with nods and smiles some familiar faces in the crowd.

But as they neared Mrs. Reagan's front row chair, something happened.

She seemed to lurch to her right. Her cane appeared to slip on the floor.

And the frail first lady lady began to fall toward a hard landing on her right side.

Many in the crowd were still buzzing with excitement and could not see what was unfolding near the front. Others nearby could and there were audible gasps.

Fortunately, Rubio sensed the stumble. He braced his legs and caught the president's widow by her left arm as she swung into him.

Secret Service and other crowd members quickly rushed in to assist Mrs. Reagan to her feet and a chair. She appeared to be uninjured and after some moments, the program proceeded. Mrs. Reagan previously suffered a fractured pelvis in a 2008 fall that required hospitalization.

This is pretty much de rigueur for many a bar hopper. Don't stress it, Nancy. It happens. We're glad she didn't suffer any serious injuries.

And for those of you who want to watch, you can check out Nancy's minor stumble below.

VIDEO: Nancy Reagan falls :

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