The other three folks running for DA in November are none too pleased with District Attorney Gascón's decision to pass on an official investigation in to the "Run, Ed, Run campaign". In a press release sent out late yesterday, the campaigns of David Onek, Sharmin Bock and (oh, right, him too) Bill Fazio called out the Newsom-appointed temporary DA for making the call to drop the case so soon after the DA's office (sort of) admitted to not actually doing any investigative work. Onek for DA, et al. explain:

The Friday night decision also came one day after one of the lawyers in Gascón’s office, Victor Hwang, who is also a co-chair of the Run Ed Run Committee, made remarks to the press strongly suggesting that no investigation had occurred and that he himself had prejudged the case. Hwang was quoted in the media last Thursday stating: "I am confident that any neutral fact-finder will conclude that there is no basis to these false allegations."

However, after getting the green light to investigate from the Attorney General’s office, Gascón decided just days later that, “We have conducted a preliminary investigation and have concluded that there is insufficient evidence to proceed with any further investigation."

The trio goes on to explain, Gascón's refusal to investigate the matter, "calls into question the very integrity of the District Attorney’s office under his leadership." The political bloggers over at the Chron's City Insider and Bay Citizen are calling it a "slam" on the integrity of the man who, in a former life, was the manager of a Southern California Ford dealership. We here would prefer to think it's just a polite way for Onek, Bock and Fazio to get you to consider an alternative candidate for District Attorney in November. If Gascón's hair can't be trusted, we suppose the next obvious choice is Sharmin Bock's flowy blonde locks. Not that you should take that as an endorsement or anything.

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