Granted. We're supposed to boycott mega-chain store Target for... wait, are we still supposed to be shun them? It's so hard to keep track here in San Francisco. We need some sort of multi-tabbed Excel spreadsheet to keep track of what corporate American cog we're supposed to boycott or not. So confusing. Whatever. Because we'd be fibbing if we said we weren't slightly giddy about the impending Missoni collection heading to your closest anti-gay Target store. ("Misso-who?" Google it, o' richly-texted DIY one.)

Our interest is especially piqued over the Missoni bike. It's beautiful. Not to mention rife with the dizzying Missoni pattern. This, if anything, could get us hitting the city streets on two wheels. It is, for lack of a better word, breathtaking. And bizarre. But mostly breathtaking. We could easily see us riding over to Bender's on the thing, propping it up alongside other inferior bikes inside the bar, being the envy of absolutely no one. Still. We want it.

The Missoni bike follows in the footsteps of other designer bikes such as Public Bikes in South Park. Do you prefer a designer bicycle? Or are you too real for such gaiety? Discuss.

Oh, and the Missoni collection bombarded Target stores on September 13.