#OpBART-2 Today at 5pm, outside the civic center. Expect Us!!!Mon Aug 22 16:55:38 via TweetDeck

Don't get too comfortable getting back in to your homeward commute routine, BART Riders. Members of the nebulous group Anonymous and its local OpBART spinoff are reminding everyone that they'll be gathering again at Civic Center Station at 5 p.m. this evening to reprise last Monday's protests.

Over the weekend, BART officials released a statement defending their shutdown of cellphone service prior to a protest originally planned for August 11th. The ACLU has called the move unconstitutional.

You'll remember last week hackers claiming to be part of Anonymous hacked the BART Police Officer's Association Website and released personal information for over 100 BART police officers. This morning OpBART issued their own advisory for BART spokesman Linton Johnson:

Dear Linton Johnson, Shine your shoes, we EXPECT to see them on your head... EXPECT US!!! #OpBART-2 #SFBayMon Aug 22 17:08:53 via TweetDeck

(Note: asking someone to put their shoes on their head is an Internet thing, apparently.)

From BART's official advisory:

Please be advised that protesters may attempt to disrupt BART service during the afternoon commute period on Mon., Aug. 22 in downtown San Francisco BART stations.
As always, BART’s primary mission is to ensure your safety and keep trains on-time. BART may need to close some stations temporarily or make other service adjustments on short notice.

As usual, BART recommends checking 511.org for alternative travel arrangements and keeping an eye on BART.gov or @SFBART on Twitter for the latest updates.

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