School districts around the Bay Area are mulling changes to their policies regarding homework assigned to students, because new evidence is emerging that we're raising a generation of over-stressed over-achievers who can't sleep. Parents these days are pressuring kids earlier and earlier with getting good grades and taking AP classes in order to get into better colleges, and as a result their childhoods are getting destroyed.

Because of this, local school districts are considering changes to the amounts of homework assigned, with some implementing no-homework weekends, while others are considering a policy in which homework only counts toward 10% of a student's grades.

It seems to us that it's not just homework that's to blame here -- what with all the soccer practices and bassoon lessons and community service and Spanish tutoring, i.e. all the things that really help you get into college -- and assigning less homework just means kids will fill their time with other stuff, like sexting and TV. But we suppose a night of relaxing sexting amongst friends might be just what the doctor ordered.