In the third such news story in the past two months, Bay Area copper thieves have struck again, this time ripping out copper pipes and rain gutters from construction sites at two Inner Sunset schools. According to a Bay City News report, the modern-day claim jumpers hit the Alice Fong Yu Alternative School on 12th Avenue four times in the past week.

Meanwhile, over on Ortega Street, the French School was relieved of copper rain gutters in broad daylight around 5:30 p.m. last Sunday. A witness spotted two men making off with the metals, but no arrests have been made yet.

Police have a description of the suspect in the Alice Fong thefts, but they're keeping it under their hat for now as they try to determine if last week's thefts were related to other recent metal misappropriations. As you might recall, copper theft is suddenly a thing in the Bay Area with a number a recent reports popping up: Back in late June, thieves came for the $8,500 Zuckerberg Lode hidden in the walls at Facebook's new HQ in Menlo Park. And just the other day, thieves ripped out the wiring from a set of ornate street lamps being installed along MacArthur Boulevard in San Leandro. When will this sudden copper calamity cease?

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