Instead of concocting the world's best fried chicken (and, let's face it, any kind of food product his hands touch), Thomas Keller could have been chewing spit tobacco and rearranging his crotch in front of thousands of adoring fans. In a recent interview with Foodie Chap, the lauded French Laundry/Ad Hoc chef admits that, if he weren't slaving behind a stove for a living, he would've like to have played shortstop.

When asked by Foodie Chap, "If you were not a chef, what would you imagine you may have been?" Keller responded, "Shortstop for the New York Giants would have been my goal in life had I been good enough to play shortstop for the New York Giants."


Also of note: Next to a few bottles of water, Keller has nothing in his refrigerator at home.

[via Inside Scoop]