Police closed Civic Center BART station due to protests. According to SF Appeal, "All the protesters have left the BART platform, which remains closed. Roberts says BART police confirmed that no arrests were made, and that the decision to close the station was made "because of safety."

An estimated 30 or so protesters are heading toward Market and Van Ness, chanting "no justice no peace/disband BART police."

Below is livestreaming footage of the protest now in progress.

Meanwhile, ustream user greggawatt is also streaming live here. Should BART decide to cut out cell service again (which they haven't ruled out yet), SFAppeal has a man on the ground and there's always the BART PD Radio Scanner for audio-only.

UPDATE 6:10: Powell and Montgomery BART stations now closed in addition to Civic Center. BART and Muni are closed at those stations.

6:22: BART Police now closing the Embarcadero Station.Civic Center Station now reopened. Montgomery, Powell still closed.

6:46: BART says that Embarcadero station open now for exits only. Protesters holding banner at Market and Main. Banner says: "Disband BART cops." (Chortle.)

7:13: No chanting, no marching. It's more like a stare-down contest between police and demonstrators now, reports KGO.

8:30: The party was huge success. Lots of people had a blast. However, BART has now reopened all stations.